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'I think he'll outlive us all,' Bret Michaels' sister says

April 29, 2010 |  6:42 pm

Michaels 1993 Bret Michaels is moving steadily ahead in his recovery from a brain hemorrhage a week ago, his sister Michelle Sychak told a Nebraska radio show Wednesday.

She said he's coherent and his speech isn't slurred, reports MTV, which has an audio clip from the interview. "[He] does sound like Bret," she said. "Truth be told, I think he'll outlive us all."

The Thursday health update on Michaels' Facebook page made this point: "If a patient survives the initial rupture, the first 7 to 10 days after are the most critical as an additional rupture or other complications may arise."

A VH1 special featuring fan sentiments airs at 11 p.m. Thursday -- that's tonight -- and on Tuesday doctors will explain Michaels' condition, treatment and prognosis at a press conference, according to notes on his Facebook page.

His camp also announced today that he is aiming to be back on tour by May 26.

-- Christie D'Zurilla

Photo: We're tired of all the same pictures of Bret Michaels! So here he is on July 8, 1993, performing at Glen Helen Pavilion in Devore. Credit: Jonathan Alcorn / For The Los Angeles Times. 

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