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The 'Precious' posse celebrates after sweeping Film Independent Spirit Awards

March 6, 2010 |  8:26 pm

Precious After sweeping Friday's Film Independent Spirit Awards, the "Precious" posse was already planning its Oscar onslaught on Sunday.

Best actress winner Gabourey Sidibe, who literally kicked off her shoes before arriving at the press tent at L.A. Live, said she's looking forward to focusing on one thing. "Usually during the Oscars, I'm pissed off because there's a new ‘Simpsons' episode," she gleefully told reporters after snagging her honor. "This time, I'll be paying attention because I'll be there."

Best supporting actress Mo'Nique, who's considered by many to be a shoo-in for an Oscar, said she was planning on not planning an acceptance speech "because I think the universe will say, ‘You've got a lot of nerve.'"

And director Lee Daniels revealed his plans for Oscar night attire: "I'm wearing Spanx."

Hey, what do you expect from a guy who managed to make Mariah Carey look frumpy?

La Carey was definitely frump-free Friday, although ...

Monique ... being in the press tent made her shudder. "Even standing in lighting like this bothers me because I've been trained that way, doing videos and whatever," the glam diva said. "And Lee knows that. Brett Ratner, the director, is a friend of mine, and he said, ‘Lee, put her in Mariah Carey hell.' And I wanted to go there as an actress."

Sidibe and Mo'Nique showed themselves to be the polar opposites of their troubled characters in "Precious." Sidibe is positively giggly, and Mo'Nique is so sunny, she actually seems to like the press. You can start calling us "sugar" and "baby" too.

"Who am I rooting for on Sunday?" she said. "Everybody. It's a beautiful thing, baby, to get to that place, so everybody who walks that red carpet on Sunday, including you as a reporter, I'm rooting for you too. So everybody gets my vote."

-- Irene Lacher

Photos: Lenny Kravitz, top left, Mariah Carey and director Lee Daniels onstage at the 25th Film Independent Spirit Awards held at Nokia Event Deck at L.A. Live on March 5, 2010.  At right, Mo'Nique shows off her best supporting actress award in the press room at the event. Credits: Kevork Djansezian / Getty Images, top; Robyn Beck / AFP / Getty Images. 

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