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Lady Gaga 'Telephone' watch: new stills from video featuring Beyonce

February 16, 2010 | 11:38 am

Gaga telephone 1Who needs New York Fashion Week for a look at outrageous new fashions? Lady Gaga manages to sweeten the pot with a few stills from her upcoming music video for "Telephone."

The track, featuring equally fierce collaborator Beyonce, just reached the top of U.S. dance charts. And from the look of things, the visuals may just top what we saw from the two in their first joint effort, "Video Phone."

The symbolism isn't lost on us, with her ladyship's hair bow interpreted as the receiver to a princess telephone. The other stills (keep going, they're after the jump!) reveal a rotary headpiece that's classic Haus of Gaga.

A third shot is a dance sequence with some tough-looking threads, likely a number set in the fictional prison Gaga is said to be locked in before Beyonce swoops in and rescues her with a black shroud and the "Kill Bill" yellow wagon ...

Gaga has already arrived at the Brit Awards in the U.K., where she's expected to pay tribute to fallen fashion designer Alexander McQueen.

-- Matt Donnelly

Photo: Above, we can call all we want, but we're not gonna reach her telephone. Credit:

Gaga telepone 3
Photo: The Haus of Gaga gets mobile with accessories. Credit:

Gaga telephone 2

Photo: Lady Gaga interprets the prison tear. Natch, it's a star! Credit:

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