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'Twilight' news: Checking in on 'Breaking Dawn'

January 12, 2010 | 11:15 am

New moon Forget whether Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart "are" or "aren't," and whether Taylor Lautner was undermined by John Mayer.

The more interesting question rumbling online lately: Will "Breaking Dawn" will be broken in two?

"Breaking Dawn," the next installment in "The Twilight Saga," could begin filming as soon as this fall -- and along the way it could even turn into two films instead of one.

That's according to Wyck Godfrey, producer of the first three films, who last week talked to our friends over at the new movie blog 24 Frames.

Spoiler alert! Before you click to read the interview, a warning: That link and the next one -- especially the next one -- BOTH contain spoilers, so if you don't already know the plot of "Breaking Dawn" and don't want to, don't click!

Those who have read "Breaking Dawn" know its complications, and know that Stephenie Meyer might have written herself into a bit of a corner when it comes to translating a book into 90 to 120 successful big-screen minutes.

Whether "Dawn" is done as one movie or two won't  be resolved until the final treatment is done, Godfrey said. It depends on what's "organic" to the story, and Melissa Rosenberg, who did the other scripts, is busy at work on it. Meyer said today that she's OK with it either way, and there is no drama.

"It really has to do with how much level of detail from the books there is. ... It's a very long single movie if it does become a single movie."

That said, the plan, according to Godfrey, is for filming to go on in Vancouver this fall. No director is set yet.

Until then, of course, "Eclipse," the third installment in "The Twilight Saga," is due out in June.

-- Christie D'Zurilla

P.S. Check out more over at 24 Frames -- they have a lot right now on "Spider-Man 4" and "Avatar," plus  news on Robert Downey Jr. -- good stuff. 

Photo: Taylor Lautner, left, Kristen Stewart, director Chris Weitz and Robert Pattinson attend a "New Moon" fan event in London on Nov. 11, 2009. Credit: Dave Hogan / Getty Images.

[For the record, 1:37 p.m.: A previous version of this post identified "New Moon" director Chris Weitz, who is pictured, as "The Twilight Saga" producer Wyck Godfrey, who unfortunately is not in the shot. Thanks to commenter Krista for saving us from incorrect caption info that came with the pic!]

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