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'Pete Carroll-ine': YouTube levity amid the USC vs. Seahawks maelstrom (Don't weep, USC, please don't!)

January 8, 2010 |  9:56 pm

The Ministry (OK, me, CDZ at the Ministry) considers USC football coach Pete Carroll a celebrity in Los Angeles. And the Ministry is completely freaking out right now. (OK, it's me, I'm upset! And I'm the only one here right now! Humor me!)

So while USC fans sit and bite our nails and wait to find out if Uncle Pete is taking the Seattle Seahawks coaching job (don't even talk to me about the other guys), take a moment to watch the "Pete Carroll-ine" video embedded above -- it's bouncing around Twitter right now and it's goofy.

Enjoy this love letter to Pete Carroll -- and don't cry, OK? That's my job.

Remember, it could always be worse.

-- Christie D'Zurilla

P.S.: Read what Ted Green, Senior Sports Producer for KTLA Prime News, has to say at the Fabulous Forum about the effects of a move to Seattle on Pete's credibility. 

P.P.S.: Info on this video, from the USCSuperFans: "NOTE: We sang this way intentionally -- it's all part of the joke. I am sorry if you have been led to believe that these were our actual singing voices -- as I assure you they are not. We were not trying to sing this song for critical acclaim, just a dedication to the coach we love."

P.P.P.S.: Be afraid, Seattle. Be very afraid.

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