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Pauly Shore sues his brother over Comedy Store control

December 7, 2009 |  8:14 pm


Pauly Shore isn't always the quickest to show his serious side.

But today he leveled quite serious accusations against his brother, Peter Shore, in a lawsuit over control of the Comedy Store -- the family-run Sunset Strip establishment that has long been a focal point of the stand-up comedy scene in L.A.

In the suit, filed in L.A. Superior Court, Pauly alleges his brother took advantage of mom Mitzi Shore's declining health -- she has Parkinson's -- and talked her into booting him from the Comedy Store's board of directors.

The suit also alleges possible elder abuse regarding the "ongoing physical and financial well-being" of Mitzi, the sole shareholder in the company.

Pauly wants access to Comedy Store operating documents, and he wants his seat on the board back.

He gave the world a look at his business style a few years back on the short-lived series "Minding the Store." We like the plot from Episode 6, "Roach Coach," in particular:

"Even though Sammy and his tennis instructor advise against it, Pauly plans to go through with his idea of catering The Comedy Store with the roach coach. (Previously in the episode Love & Limos, Pauly gave Mark Hatchell $1,500 to find a caterer and Mark came back with tacos on wheels.)

"In order to push the food and drinks, he also wants to hire hot waitresses. After interviewing several potential candidates with Dean, they settle on Ashley, a cute blond with absolutely no experience. However, Pauly's decision doesn't sit well with the longstanding waitstaff of The Store. Instead of firing her, however, Pauly promotes Ashley to the front bar.

"Undermanned and underprepared, The Comedy Store is slammed with customers who actually love the food, but there are not enough waitresses and comics to serve it. Pauly stumbles through yet another good idea gone awry"

Elder abuse is no laughing matter, but Pauly's management style?

You be the judge.

-- Christie D'Zurilla

Photo: Alas, it's one of those "in happier times" shots, from 2003, when Pauly Shore, left, and brother Peter were working together to help Mitzi run the Comedy Store. Credit: Los Angeles Times.

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