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Paris Hilton goes back to the recording studio; the Ministry goes back to its Santa smackdown poll archives

December 22, 2009 |  7:35 am

Dueling santas

"Going into the studio to work on my album" -- such an innocuous sentence, except if it's being tweeted by Paris Hilton.

So while we ponder the apocalyptic ramifications of another pop music effort from everyone's favorite celebutante, we'd like to bring back a blast from the Ministry's past: the Paris Hilton-Billy Bob Thornton Santa Smackdown poll

Why? Because we can. Because it's even closer to Christmas. And ...

... because when we first posted this poll -- the lovely Ms. Hilton had just launched yet another fragrance -- we made the point that with, what, 174 or so different Paris scents available, Tiger Woods could scent-code his lady friends! We picked the number "174" because we assumed the number of women linked to the golfer would never approach triple digits.

Lesson learned.

But the Ministry's Department of Absolutely Accurate Online Statistics still wants your opinion -- who's the badder Santa, Paris or Billy Bob Thornton? And by "bad" we mean good, of course.

-- Christie D'Zurilla

Photo credits: Toby Canham / Getty Images, left. Tracy Bennett / Miramax Films, right.

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