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Taylor Swift is nervous about hosting 'SNL,' and Jimmy Fallon isn't helping

November 3, 2009 |  2:20 pm

Deep breaths, Taylor Swift, deeeeeep breaths.

We don't want to lose you before you host "Saturday Night Live."

Taylor is so excited about the gig that at the week's first pitch meeting she tweeted that she might "have a heart attack or pass out."

Why so nervous? Hmm. Seems that in advance of that first pitch meeting, she appeared on Jimmy Fallon's show, where the "SNL" alum was extremely eager to give her tips.

And to manage her expectations -- about how the writers will listen to her ideas but then won't take them.

And to tell her she's going to be great -- and that even if she isn't funny and if the sketches all bomb, well, hey, at least she can still sing OK on the musical part of the show.


After watching the video, we're impressed that she didn't just pass out right there on his show. He even made us nervous.

-- Christie D'Zurilla

P.S. Taylor hasn't spilled specifics about the monologue or sketches but -- surprise! -- has hinted that Kanye West is likely to be a target.