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Miss England (past/present) could teach Carrie Prejean a thing or two

November 9, 2009 | 11:25 am


We've avoided the whole Carrie Prejean sex tape allegations to this point -- because, well, who doesn't have a sex tape these days -- but we mention it now in passing in the wake of news that appears to prove that Prejean is a rank amateur in the scandal department.

England's Miss World representative, Rachel Christie was just stripped of her crown after allegedly starting a bar brawl with Miss Manchester at an "adult themed party." Christie, an Olympic track and field hopeful and the first black Miss England, is alleged to have done this all while wearing an angel costume.

As one witty person said over the weekend on Twitter: "I think this automatically makes her Miss Ireland."

That sort of brawling takes a whole lot more effort than posing for a webcam and doing naughty things. Or rather, a whole lot more effort than we would assume it would take to pose for a webcam and do naughty things.

You know, if we knew about things like that. 

Probably not as much effort, however, as it takes to put out a book, as Prejean is doing (with an excerpt published online Sunday night).

Read on for a Prejean-related poll and to find out who's replacing Rachel Christie.

Photo: No matter how hard  you look, you won't see Rachel Christie among the Miss World 2009 contestants photographed at London's Grosvenor House Hotel on Nov. 9, 2009. Credit: Ian Gavan / Getty Images.

Combat Lance Cpl. Katrina Hodge is the woman stepping in as Miss England.

She's nicknamed "Combat Barbie."

Looks as if her military service might come in handy in the rough-and-tumble atmosphere of the Miss World pageant, even if not everyone is thrilled about it

Hodge is getting leave from service to participate in the Miss World pageant. Which is also tougher to pull off than making a sex tape.

So back to Carrie Prejean:

Photo: Katrina Hodge, the newly crowned Miss England, at the Miss World 2009 photo call on Nov. 9,2009. Credit: Ian Gavan / Getty Images.

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