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'New Moon' star Dakota Fanning probably kicks Rachel Zoe's butt at Nintendo DS

November 3, 2009 |  9:11 am

ZoedakOur friends over at All the Rage report that actress Dakota Fanning and stylist Rachel Zoe recently got together at the Madison boutique on Third Street in L.A. -- to play Nintendo DS.

Why Nintendo? Because there's a new game out, Style Savvy, in which players get to operate a perfectly fabulous clothing boutique.

Why Rachel? She's been known to suggest a perfectly fabulous outfit or two for her celebrity clientele.

And why Dakota? Well, despite a resume that stretches around the block, the elder Fanning prodigy is reportedly still a child, and isn't that what These Kids Today do, sit around and do nothing but play video games?

Said Dakota, the "New Moon" newbie who is also a high school cheerleader and was just named a homecoming princess: "Usually video games are more action packed -- more masculine -- so, no. I’m really girly; this is the first time I’m interested."

Don't be alarmed by that ripping sound.

We'll get the space-time continuum fixed up for ya right quick.

-- Christie D'Zurilla

Photo: Rachel Zoe, left, is the adult in this picture with Dakota Fanning, taken while the two played Nintendo DS at Madison in L.A. Credit: Casey Rodgers / AP Images for Nintendo