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PREACH IT! Plastic surgery quiz answers

October 10, 2009 |  5:12 pm

Apatow The answers:

1. b -- George Clooney's lips might as well be chapped -- though his hair made the most-wanted list.

2. a -- Blake Lively's hair is the object of obsession for everyone single person on the planet -- except, apparently, the people who participated in this survey. 

3. d -- Apparently Jennifer Lopez and her badonkadonk are old hat.

4. b -- Jennifer Aniston's eyes didn't make the list. Nor, for that matter, did any part of her body. We're sure that has nothing to do with this little event.

5. a -- Apparently there's no great rush to replicate Halle Berry's skin, though she was noticed for her highly desirable jawline.

That's it! How'd you do? Click here to go back to the quiz and, in a comment, share your score with the class -- along with any other celebrity body parts you might find admirable. Um, just keep it clean, OK?

-- L.G. and cdz

Photo: That's Judd Apatow, with wife Leslie Mann and Garry Shandling. Look, you can just see how insanely jealous Shandling is of Apatow's coveted brain. And what's on Mann's mind? "My husband thinks my nose is totally better than Nicole's." (We're making all that up, of course. This is a picture of the three at an October charity event hosted by Shandling, honoring Apatow and Mann. But the part about Shandling makes a crazy kind of sense, right? It could happen.) Credit: Alex J. Berliner / Berliner Studio/BEImages