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Chris Brown creepy-tweets. Was Rihanna on his mind?

October 26, 2009 |  2:41 pm

Chris Brown When Chris Brown reached a plea deal related to his night-before-the-Grammys assault on Rihanna, he agreed to stay 50 yards away from her -- 10 yards if it's on a red carpet -- for the next five years.

I guess in cyberspace, nobody can measure the distance of a tweet.

According to RadarOnline, Brown sent out an Extremely Earnest Sounding message on Twitter late Sunday night right after posting a link to a YouTube fan video titled “Chris Brown & Rihanna - The Way We Used to Be.”  The video features – you guessed it – Chris Brown and Rihanna in happier times, before the episode in which, according to the affidavit Rihanna gave the LAPD, he popped her in the face, bit her ear and threatened to kill her, all the comfort of a silver Lamborghini. (Warning: some profanity and graphic descriptions of violence at that Smoking Gun link to the LAPD affidavit.)

Back in high school, in the ’80s, before the advent of Caller ID and higher awareness of domestic violence and stalking, we used to (know people who would) call our crushes and hang up, just to be flirty. Admittedly, we wisely grew up, but now there’s social media to fill Team Creepy's needs. Perhaps Rihanna, a.k.a Robin Rihanna Fenty, is lucky enough not to know that Chris is tweeting, verified, @MechanicalDummy.  Just a guess here that (if this is indeed her official account) she has him blocked.

Rihanna’s first new album since 2007 is due out Nov. 23, Entertainment Weekly has confirmed. No word yet on when Chris’ next heartfelt creepy-tweet is expected.

-- Christie D’Zurilla

Photo credit: Mark Ralston / AFP / Getty Images