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The Morning Fix: 3-D glasses debate. 'Black Swan' interns sue.

September 29, 2011 |  7:11 am

After the coffee. Before wondering where the last year went.

The Skinny: It is a light day in headlines this Rosh Hashanah. The fight over who will pay for 3-D glasses is heating up. and a couple of interns on "Black Swan" take issue with what they were asked to do.

Shady business. Sony's decision earlier this week to stop footing the bill for 3-D glasses has become the shot heard around the world. At least one other studio is thinking of following Sony's lead and movie theater owners have blasted Hollywood for trying to stick them with the cost for the special shades. Regal, the nation's biggest theater operator, even said it may stop playing 3-D movies. Of course, we know who will ultimately get stuck paying the tab. Coverage of the 3-D glasses flap from the Los Angeles Times.

Horrible bosses. A couple of unpaid interns who worked on the Fox Searchlight movie "Black Swan" have filed a lawsuit in New York federal court charging the production company with violating labor laws. Among the charges are that the interns were doing tasks that they should have been paid for and that the gigs were lacking in any real education about how the movie industry works. Really? Many would say learning how some egomaniac takes their coffee is key to a successful start in the biz. More on the suit from the New York Times.

So much for, 'Any publicity is good publicity.' NBC's drama "The Playboy Club" is under attack from the Parents Television Council, an advocacy group that is trying to persuade advertisers to steer clear of the drama. Despite all the attention being generated for the show by the PTC, viewers are steering clear and most critics panned the show. More on the PTC's efforts from the New York Post.

Know when to fold them. The Hollywood Reporter digs into the high-stakes Hollywood poker scene, which has gotten some unwanted exposure as of late from one player who had trouble walking away. Honestly, articles about big shots blowing thousands (or millions) gambling kind of bore me.

Inside the Los Angeles Times: Robert Lloyd on CBS's "How to be a Gentleman." How actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt keeps busy.

-- Joe Flint

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