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'American Idol' creator Simon Fuller and Island Records founder Chris Blackwell form venture

June 13, 2011 |  8:02 am

"American Idol" creator Simon Fuller and Island Records founder Chris Blackwell are partnering on a joint venture to create a digital media consulting firm for musicians and artists.

The duo said artists are being squeezed by media conglomerates and their firm will seek to provide a voice and more clout over their business dealings and content.

A statement announcing the creation of Blackwell Fuller Inc. said the venture will create new media partnerships and opportunities for artists and content owners with an aim of "putting them in full control of their careers and their businesses for the first time."

“In the rush to create new media platforms in this incredibly explosive digital age, the business community generally relegates artists to the role of a mere spectator, often at their own expense,” said Fuller. “We believe we have a unique opportunity to create new-media partnerships directly with the creators themselves and build a new model that will define the path for artists and creators for the new digital age.”

Blackwell added that "as the entertainment industry and media companies struggle to find new financial models, the arrangements struck with artists have become more and more restrictive and onerous."

-- Joe Flint