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FX's 'Terriers' doesn't have too much bite

September 9, 2010 | 12:47 pm


"Terriers," FX's new drama about a couple of seedy San Diego private eyes, premiered to disappointing  ratings despite mostly positive reviews.

The show, which stars Donal Logue and Michael Raymond-James and was executive produced by Ted Griffin ("Ocean's Eleven") and Shawn Ryan ("The Shield"), drew only 1.6 million viewers, making it the least-watched premiere of a new show for FX in recent history.

The low numbers are something of a surprise considering the strong promotional push FX put behind it and the success of FX's other dramas, including "Sons of Anarchy" and "Rescue Me," although the latter has seen its numbers fade over the last few years.

In "Terriers," Logue, whose credits include the TV show "Grounded for Life" and the cult indie film "The Tao of Steve," plays Hank, an ex-cop who becomes a reluctant private eye with his best friend Britt. The show is something of an homage to classic private eye shows of the past like "The Rockford Files." Hank and Britt are down on their luck and far from glamorous. They may come out on top on occasion, but they'll look ugly doing it.

One challenge for the show may have been its title. "Terriers" is meant to imply that the duo is scrappy, but the title and the posters for the show may have confused viewers as to what "Terriers" was about.

FX will try to boost awareness for the show by rerunning the premiere next Tuesday after the second episode of its motorcycle gang hit "Sons of Anarchy," which on Tuesday averaged 4.13 million viewers.

Separately, the CW premiered its new drama "Hellcats" on Wednesday night and it drew 3 million viewers. The show improved on its lead-in, "America's Next Top Model," although its numbers were lower than what the CW's remake of "Melrose Place" did in its premiere a year ago. Of course, "Melrose Place" was an established brand with a huge marketing effort behind it.

-- Joe Flint 

Photo: Michael Raymond-James, left, as Britt Pollack and Donal Logue as Hank Dolworth in "Terriers." Credit: FX.