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The Morning Fix: 3-D games are coming! Anyone want to run MGM? Disney says no to pantyhose. If Trent Brungard calls, take a message!

June 16, 2010 |  7:28 am
After the coffee. Before heading to Charlie Sheen's to see if I can snag one of his cars before it rolls off a cliff.

3-D games are coming. Nintendo and Sony unveiled 3-D games at the video game industry's E3 conference. Before you picture your 30-year-old son in your basement wearing funny glasses while playing video games, the Nintendo hardware does not require the glasses. The video game industry has been in a slump and is hoping 3-D will provide a spark. More on the latest developments from the Wall Street Journal and Los Angeles Times.

Doesn't anyone want to run MGM? The Hollywood Reporter says foundering MGM's search for a CEO who can lead it to financial health is at a dead end. Veteran studio executives Peter Chernin, Bill Mechanic and Jon Dolgen have all passed, and MGM's lenders have not been all that excited with other potential candidates. One plan, THR says, is to keep the current setup for the office of the CEO in place. In other words, there's no plan.

Turner takes in the bucks. A slew of new original shows on TBS and TNT and the addition of Conan O'Brien helped Turner Broadcasting take in about $1 billion from advertisers who want their commercials on Turner's cable networks during the 2010-11 television season. Variety says Turner was very aggressive in trying to get the same ad dollars for O'Brien that advertisers shell out for David Letterman, Jay Leno and Jimmy Kimmel on the broadcast networks. If O'Brien doesn't deliver, hope Turner has enough ad inventory left over to provide the free ads to cover their ratings guarantees.

Spacey looking for TV gig. Kevin Spacey has been pitching a show to the pay TV channels Showtime and HBO. The project would have the Oscar-winning actor playing a cult leader. Spacey almost ended up in a Fox pilot this spring, so he clearly is interested in TV work. How about revisiting the studio boss he played in "Swimming with Sharks"? Buddy Ackerman could crush Ari Gold without blinking. Vulture with more on Spacey's pitch.

Hey, I'm from UTA. Want to grab a drink? The United Talent Agency is going after a guy who UTA says is pretending to be a shark in a suit in order to lure women into sending him naughty photos. The name used by wannabe agent/ladies' man: Trenton Brungard. He even made up a fake business card and e-mail address, UTA says. The Hollywood Reporter has the sordid details.

Inside the Los Angeles Times: CAA confirms that it has talked to private equity firms about a deal. Red Box cuts a deal with Paramount. Studios are flocking to Georgia. Lawrence O'Donnell is getting his own show on MSNBC. Disney loosens the dress code at its theme parks. Bloomberg continues to be thorn in side of the Comcast-NBC deal.

-- Joe Flint

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