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Updated: 'Dark Knight' Blu-ray sales stay ahead of 'Avatar'

April 26, 2010 |  6:29 pm

Turns out "Avatar" hasn't quite beat "The Dark Knight" yet.

After 20th Century Fox bragged on Sunday that "Avatar" had broken the all-time Blu-ray sales record in just four days with 2.7 million units, Warner Bros. countered on Monday that "The Dark Knight" has in fact sold 2.9 million high-definition Blu-ray discs in the U.S. and Canada since it launched in December 2008.

The last sales figure Warner provided for "The Dark Knight" on Blu-ray had been 2.5 million.

But while "Avatar" hasn't quite taken the crown yet, it's certain to in the coming months, given that it has sold almost as much in four days as "The Dark Knight" has in 16 months.

Selling more Blu-ray discs becomes easier as time goes on, of course, as the number of people with Blu-ray players in their homes continues to increase.

--Ben Fritz