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The Morning Fix: Will TNT decide 'Law & Order's' NBC fate? 3-D showdown this weekend. Kanbar feels Hoodwinked by Weinsteins. ESPN will get to show Tiger's first shot at 2010 Masters

March 31, 2010 |  8:34 am
After the  coffee. Before warning your niece about chat roulette.

Will TNT decide the fate of "Law & Order"? If NBC brings back "Law & Order," it would be the 21st season for the Dick Wolf hit and would make the show the longest-running drama ever. But cable channel TNT, long the home for "L&O" reruns, may hold the key to whether the show does break the longevity mark that it currently shares with "GunSmoke." See, TNT has not signed on to buy reruns for a 21st season. Not only that, as part of the syndication deal, NBC apparently can't shop a 21st season anywhere else without TNT giving the green light, according to the Hollywood Reporter. "L&O" has been a steady performer for TNT but has faded as of late, and the network has lots of its own content now. NBC could, of course, go ahead and make the season anyway, but without that guaranteed rerun money it becomes a tougher sell.

Spectrum showdown! A group of broadcasters including ION, Nexstar and Sinclair is not too hot on the Federal Communications Commission's plan to get TV stations to return some of their spectrum to boost mobile communications. "Why is the iPhone entitled to more spectrum than local broadcasters?" Nexstar CEO Perry Sook said in an interview with Bloomberg. Broadcasters are hoping to use the spectrum for their own version of live TV on mobile devices.

3-D battleground! This weekend will be a fight for the 3-D screens among Disney's "Alice in Wonderland," DreamWorks' "How to Train Your Dragon" and Warner Bros.' "Clash of the Titans." Some theater owners may yank "Alice" off 3-D screens to make room, says the Wall Street Journal. Well, don't feel too bad, theater owners, it'll be out on DVD soon enough. 

I'll be staying home that weekend. Paramount's sequel for "Paranormal Activity" will face off against Lionsgate's "Saw VII 3D" on Oct. 22. Variety says this will be a big Halloween battle, although I seem to recall Halloween being on the 31st, which would make the 29th weekend just before trick-or-treats. Well, I don't have my release schedule in front of me, I'm sure there is something big opening that weekend.

Hoodwinked indeed! Kanbar Entertainment says the Weinstein Co. has not lived up to its end of their joint-production agreement for a sequel to the surprise 2006 animated hit "Hoodwinked." In a legal filing to try to force arbitration with the company, Kanbar says the Weinstein Co. did not meet its financial obligations and has not come up with a release a strategy for the movie. More on the latest troubles for the Weinstein Co. from the Los Angeles Times.

Master of its domain. The Augusta National Golf Club, the folks behind the Masters Tournament, are as controlling as ever when it comes to the media, but in the case of Tiger Woods, they are willing to bend just a tiny bit. The New York Times reports that Augusta will let ESPN show Tiger Woods' first round tee shot live on the cable channel. Believe it or not, that's a big concession. Not all of the tournament is telecast -- especially the early rounds -- as the club has this crazy idea about less being more and not just throwing all its content out there for consumption.Crazy!

Only in Alaska, folks. The networks who lost out on Sarah Palin's show about Alaska can breathe a sign of relief. Her daughter's ex-boyfriend (I have trouble bringing myself to type "baby daddy") Levi Johnston has his own reality show he's pitching. No, you can't make this stuff up. Stuart Krasnow, the project's executive producer, told the Washington Post the show would be "Jersey Shore on Ice." 

Catching up with Steve Bing. The producer and wannabe political power player turns 45 today. Kim Masters at the Daily Beast brings us up to speed on what he's up to (besides watching Heidi Fleiss set her hair on fire) because we're sure you've been wondering.

Inside the Los Angeles Times: Denise Martin on Kirstie Alley's effort to make her weight struggles into TV success. Tony Danza's stint as a high school teacher is full of lessons -- for him. 

-- Joe Flint

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