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Dodgers web musings: There is never getting enough of Vin Scully

February 4, 2012 |  5:40 pm

Amazing, isn’t it? Vin Scully has been around for 61 wonderful years in Los Angeles, must have called more than 9,000 games.

Anyone else going back to the days of Mickey Cohen would have worn out their welcome several decades ago. Yet there never seems to be getting too much of the most beloved man in Los Angeles history.

So here comes another profile on Scully, this one from Drew Schmenner of the Desert Sun in Palm Springs, in advance of his speaking at the Sacred Heart Church and School on Feb. 11.

There may not be anything particularly revelatory in this latest piece, but Schmenner does a solid job, and even if we’ve heard the stories before, they still seem fresh coming from Scully.

Here he describes the origin of sitting back in key moments and letting the crowd’s reaction tell the story:

“It all goes back to when I was a little boy, and we had a big, four-legged radio, and I loved to crawl underneath it and listen to a college football game. When I heard the roar of the crowd — I've made it a cliché by now — but the speaker suddenly became like a showerhead with water coming all over your body, only this time, it was just sound, and it just thrilled me beyond belief, and so, to this very day, if something well-done elicits a roar from the crowd, why I enjoy every second of the pure sound of it.”

Also on the web:

-- Yes, it’s true. I guess it’s understandable, but still unsettling. The Times’ Carol Williams on Dodgers asking the bankruptcy judge to reject claims by the family of Bryan Stow for his severe beating on opening day.

-- Hall of Fame baseball writer Ross Newhan says the Dodgers’ sale is growing more shadowy every day. And he reasons correctly if Fred Claire’s group can get back in the auction if they raise enough capital to reach Frank McCourt’s $1.5-billion figure, isn’t that true of Dennis Gilbert and anyone else eliminated in the first round?

-- More hugs for McCourt. The New York Daily News’ Bill Madden writes the looming record price for the Dodgers portends well for all baseball owners, but particularly embattled Mets owner Fred Wilpon.

-- The Times’ Mike DiGiovanna looks at the best and worst free-agent signings this winter by position. He calls the Dodgers’ signing of Mark Ellis the worst value signing at second base.

-- Another ranking, this one slightly better for the Dodgers. The Chicago Tribune’s Phil Rogers ranks the Dodgers baseball’s 14th best team, one spot behind the Giants.

-- Steve Dilbeck