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Dodgers didn't need to be in on bloated Prince Fielder deal

January 24, 2012 |  1:28 pm

There, now, feel better?

Prince Fielder has finally signed, and a shock to no one who has ever heard the name Frank McCourt, it was not with the bankrupt Dodgers. Which as it turns out, is a good thing.

Scott Boras — and his name isn’t normally preceded with "super-agent" for nothing — got Fielder a nine-year, $214-million contract with the Detroit Tigers. A team, it should be noted, that wasn’t even supposed to be in on Fielder.

That is not only a stunning amount of dinero, but a stunning number of years too.

Now, I know there was undeniable logic to the Dodgers signing Fielder and it was dreamy and all, but at that price and those years, they should have passed.

Even if ownership was stable, I’d have taken a pass. Even if flush, I would have resisted.

I don’t trust that body (5-11, 280) to stay healthy and at the same productive level over the course of nine years, or even close. And do you really want to be shelling out $214 million to Fielder when you’re paying $160 million to Matt Kemp? And a big payday still looms for Clayton Kershaw?

You have to pick your spots in this business. And for nine years and $214 million, there will be plenty of other spots. Maybe not immediately, but they’ll surface. And now the Dodgers will have more flexibility.

At least the Tigers can slide Prince over to designated hitter in a few years. Of course, for now the Dodgers are still playing James Loney at first. Don’t want you feeling too much better.


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Photo: Former Milwaukee Brewers slugger Prince Fielder agreed to a deal with the Detroit Tigers on Tuesday. Credit: Matt Slocum / Associated Press