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Who would you choose to own the Dodgers? [Poll]

November 3, 2011 |  8:04 am

The Dodgers are for sale. Frank McCourt is out, someone else is in. But who? Who do you think would be the best choice to own the Dodgers? Take a look at the contenders and then vote in our poll:

--Steve Garvey: Yeah, he has an investment group too. Never has said who’s actually in it. Garvey was fired by McCourt for continually talking about buying the team while in the employ of McCourt.

--Orel Hershiser: The former Dodger has expressed his interest in the past. Maybe he can team with Kirk Gibson to buy the team and relive the glory days.

--Mark Cuban: Owner of the NBA champion Dallas Mavericks. He's controversial, so you have to wonder if Commissioner Bud Selig would ever approve him. Said he's not going to pay $1.2 billion. But there seems to be a rising groundswell of support for him.

--Dennis Gilbert: Once the king for sports agents, now a White Sox executive and big-time insurance salesman. A Los Angeles native and former minor league player, he's a major Dodgers fan. He's the guy sitting right behind home plate every game.

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--Ron Burkle: He has the moola, is part owner of the Pittsburgh Penguins and is also a Southern California native, but he’s more private than Garbo, and we already have a guy like that who owns the Kings.

--Eli Broad: He could add some nifty art around Dodger Stadium. The Dodgers are a civic treasure. History, however, says he won’t feign any interest until it’s too late.

--Time Warner: As The Times’ Bill Shaikin noted, why spend more than $3 billion for media rights when the team can be had for a fraction of that?

--Alan Casden: The apartment developer was briefly a player back in 2003. Wanted to raze Dodger Stadium and build a new ballpark near Staples Center.

--Peter O’Malley: For the nostalgic out there. Called for McCourt to sell the team more than a year ago. Said he wasn’t interested in returning as owner, but changed his mind Wednesday.

--Fox: We've been down this road before, but they certainly have enough money to buy the team again. The one choice that might make Frank McCourt look good in comparison.

--AEG: Because they've done such a great job with the Kings. Plus, if they buy it, maybe they will build a new stadium downtown.

--The fans: It worked for the Green Bay Packers. Everyone can buy shares of the team.

--Magic Johnson: He is a baseball fan, and can certainly make the Dodgers a major player in town again, even rivaling the Lakers for popularity.

--Fred Claire: Expressed interest this week, to the excitement of almost no one.

 So there's the list. Now vote:

 -- Houston Mitchell

Steve Dilbeck contributed to this post.