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A handy Father's Day gift for the baseball fanatic who only thinks he has everything

June 10, 2011 |  3:46 pm

OK, possibly "handy" is not quite the word I should be going for here. "All encompassing" seems just so wordy for a headline. "Thick as a brick," is not quite the proper metaphor, and besides, Jethro Tull nabbed that one a long time ago.

Safe to say, this gift is not for the casual baseball fan. Or the average working stiff.

It is the official "Major League Baseball Opus Classic Edition," which is modestly promoted as "The most definitive and comprehensive publication ever produced showcasing the history of America’s favorite pastime."

This baby starts with the game’s origins and travels up to present day. It boasts over 400 photos and 60,000 words.

Also, it weighs 26 pounds and costs $295, plus delivery.

It features two-page sections on each team, plus spreads on "Legendary Figures" such as Jackie Robinson and Sandy Koufax, shown below.

262-263 Koufax (Classic)

But wait, there’s more. Lots and lots more. Turns out this is the new sort-of-abbreviated version.

The really, really definitive publication is the official "Major League Baseball Opus Marquee Edition." This puppy weighs 75 pounds, has over 1,000 photos and 110,000 words. And it costs $3,000.

Hurry, though, only 1,000 hard-bound leather copies have been made available.

If you can’t quite get through the whole thing, the books can be used for power lifting. Or use the "Classic" edition if you’re just trying to get in reps.

Those interested in more information can go here.

-- Steve Dilbeck

Credit: Opus Media Group