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An early emotional response to Frank McCourt dragging the Dodgers into bankruptcy

June 27, 2011 | 10:51 am


That this once great franchise, this community jewel, this beloved centerpiece of Los Angeles culture has been dragged into unimagined depths. At least, unimagined until we became truly familiar with Frank McCourt.

That there is no single act of desperation McCourt will not lower himself to is no longer a shock, yet somehow his filing for bankruptcy protection still feels a blow to the heart.

The Los Angeles Dodgers in bankruptcy court. The breaths come slowly as the mind tries to absorb news that should feel foreign.


That McCourt would put himself above the team, the fans and the community in his willful bout of egotism.

It should be clear to even his final supporters now, McCourt cares not for the Dodgers save for the money that orbits their financial sphere. This is about him, not the team.

The proud Dodgers, the most historically significantly team in National League history, are no longer something to be valued and treated with respect, but are a means to a financial end. And everything else standing in the way of that be damned.


The mind reels with possibilities.

He can do this? While awaiting an Aug. 4 court date to determine if the team is owned equally by ex-wife, Jamie McCourt? She has no say in this?

Fox won’t back him in this bid for bankruptcy reorganization, so he moves forward without this lifeline? Now he thinks Time Warner will come to his rescue? Any company bailing him out is staring down its own fan boycott.

He believes he has an endgame in which he actually proves victorious in court, keeps the team, goes back to running the Dodgers and lives happily ever after with the other Major League Baseball owners?


For this season, for this team, for the immediate future. How long will all these legal maneuverings take? How long before there are definitive answers and appeals have run out?

How long before the Dodgers are once again about great baseball?


-- Steve Dilbeck

Photo: Frank McCourt. Credit: Kevork Djansezian / Getty Images