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Who is going to seize the day for Dodgers?

March 11, 2011 |  5:37 pm

We’ve got almost three more weeks of this? What are the Dodgers trying to do, bore us to death?

At this rate, somebody is going to have to wake me March 31 for the season opener. It’s not like spring training tilts to high drama, but precious little is going on with the Dodgers on and off the field. Unless you count starting pitchers going down.

It would be easier to put up with the annual spring mid-game lineup shuffle if there were several battles taking place, but like it or not, on the position side the Dodgers are pretty set.

Which is not to say, there aren’t many opportunities available for players to impress for later, to alleviate concerns going into the season or even outright win a job.

Veteran, established players can take a different approach, but for many spring is a time to step up and make their case. And here are a few players I’d like to see a little carpe diem from over the next 19 days:

Jay Gibbons:The Dodgers are planning on him as their starting left fielder against right-handers, which means in theory, he’ll start more often than not. It’s a risk to count on a 34-year-old based primarily on 75 late-season at-bats after being out the majors for two years. So far this spring, Gibbons is one for 17.

Juan Uribe: OK, he is a veteran and his spring doesn’t really mean anything, but considering he is the Dodgers’ only semi-major off-season position acquisition, it would be nice to see him do something better than two for 14.

Dioner Navarro and A.J. Ellis: Ellis probably isn’t in a fair fight for the backup catcher’s spot, but Navarro is off to a slow start (two for 15) and leaving the door open. Ellis, however, is only three for 15 himself.

Xavier Paul: The outfielder is out of options and needs to beat down the door, convincing the Dodgers they need to hang on to him. The Dodgers are giving him the opportunity (he has the sixth-most at-bats on the team), but so far he is batting .158 (three for 19).

Trayvon Robinson: He has almost zero chance of making the team out of camp, but he does have an opportunity to convince the Dodgers he would be a safe call-up later and a prospect to truly watch. So far, he’s batting .200 (four for 20) and has yet to walk.

Ivan DeJesus Jr.:It's not like he's stinking it up in the early going (.263, same as his on-base percentage), but I was hoping he'd tear it up this spring and force himself onto the team, maybe even as a starting second baseman, moving Uribe to third. So far, that's not happening.

Jonathan Broxton: Already chronicled, but providing a slight bit of peace of mind would be nice. Also a first strikeout.

Ron Mahay and Scott Elbert: I don’t care what Don Mattingly says, the Dodgers need a second left-hander in the bullpen. And one of these two needs to step up.

-- Steve Dilbeck