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Don Mattingly: Candy pitchman?

February 20, 2011 | 12:52 pm

In the short time Don Mattingly has been the Dodgers’ manager, he’s learned something.

When you’re in charge, you talk a lot. And when you talk a lot, your mouth dries.

“That’s why I got these,” Mattingly said, leaning back and grabbing a bag of mint-flavored Life Savers.

The idea was one that Mattingly got from his old boss, former manager Joe Torre.

Mattingly said that his mouth frequently dried up during the development camp the Dodgers held in Los

Angeles last month for their top prospects. Mattingly called Torre soon after.

 “Now I know why you had a mint in your mouth,” Mattingly said he told him.

Vin Scully is known to suck on Jolly Ranchers to keep his mouth moist during broadcasts.

Mattingly joked that perhaps his newfound habit could lead to an extra paycheck.

“I’m trying to get a Life Savers deal going,” he said.

-- Dylan Hernandez in Phoenix