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Dodgers: Ronald Belisario still out and no one knows when he'll return

July 8, 2010 |  8:45 pm
Now for today’s Ronald Belisario update:

There is no update.

"I know nothing other than what I gave you [Wednesday]," said Dodgers Manager Joe Torre.

And he gave the media nothing Wednesday, saying he was not told the circumstances that led to the hard-throwing right-hander being placed on the restricted list.

One day later, still no news. Not from the organization, not from any media outlets and not from the players, who seemed as mystified as anyone.

Torre claimed he not only did not know the personal reasons that led to Belisario being placed on the restricted list, and but perhaps more importantly, he had no idea how long the right-hander would be out.

"I’m looking at it as an injury right now,’’ he said. "He’s on the DL as far as I’m concerned. I’m assuming that if and when the time comes that changes, somebody will let me know that.

"It gives us an opportunity to look at [Travis] Schlichting, who’s certainly intriguing. …  Something bad for somebody is something good for somebody else. Here’s a kid when I sent him out in spring training, he kind of caught me off guard saying he thought he could help this club. I thought it was one of those no-brainer, spring-training send-downs. He didn’t give me any static, he just voiced his opinion respectfully.

"And that was interesting. Every time he’s come up, he’s shown us pretty much what we knew was there. He hasn’t disappointed us up here. He’s been very, very interesting."

Schlichting is 1-0 with an 0.79 in five games with the Dodgers.

Torre said Jeff Weaver would be his swing reliever, going either early or late  in the game.

Meanwhile, Belisario remains out and without explanation.

-- Steve Dilbeck