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'As the McCourt Divorce Turns,' the video version

March 29, 2010 |  7:05 pm

For those fascinated by the ongoing divorce between Frank and Jamie McCourt, there are a couple of curious videos over on TMZ that should prove interesting.

In the first video, Jamie McCourt and her crew were refused entry to Dodger Stadium Saturday to clear out her office.


The video shows high-profile attorney David Boies, who has argued before the Supreme Court, trying to get Jamie past a parking-lot security guard.

Boies, who graduated from Fullerton High School and the University of Redlands, is seen mugging for the camera, actually trying to reason with the guard as if he were in a court room.

"We understand you're just trying to do your job, but don’t you think -- just between us -- it’s a little bit unreasonable not to let us in?" Boies said.

To his credit, the guard held his ground.

"I have no opinion on that," the guard said. "Would you do me a favor and move [your cars] out of the way?"

The guard wouldn’t even allow them entry to the public gift shop.

The second video catches Frank McCourt and his security team leaving court Monday.


When asked why Jamie wasn’t allowed into her office, Frank’s lawyer said: "When the circus comes to town, it goes to Staples Center, not Dodger Stadium."

-- Steve Dilbeck