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Test Kitchen video tips: Peeling and seeding a tomato

April 9, 2012 |  2:30 pm

When a recipe calls for a peeled and seeded tomato (or tomato concassé), rest assured. There is an easy way to peel the tomato -- and the method works for peeling many fruits and vegetables. Seeding is simple too.

Follow the steps by watching the video above, or check out the step-by-step, which continues below.

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-- Noelle Carter

Video credit: Myung Chun / Los Angeles Times; Photos: Noelle Carter / Los Angeles Times

Step 1: Mark an "X" at the bottom of a tomato, just through the skin.


Step 2: Submerge the tomato in a pan of boiling water to loosen the skin. You do not want to cook the tomato.


Step 3: The skin should start to peel away from the "X" after about 30 seconds. As soon as the skin is loosened, immediately remove the tomato to a bowl of ice water to chill.


Step 4: Peel the skin away from the tomato using your fingers or a knife. The skin should peel easily.


Step 5: Slice the top and bottom off the tomato.


Step 6: Slice along the length of the tomato on one side, then lay the tomato on its side on a cutting board. Insert the knife, and run it along the inside of the tomato, where the flesh meets the seeds, to core and seed.