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Test Kitchen video tips: Grating ginger

March 22, 2012 |  1:56 pm

If you've ever grated ginger using a rasp or a cheese grater, you've probably been frustrated by how fibrous the little root can be. Grate it and it seems half of the root is nothing more than annoying hairs. How are you supposed to add those to a recipe?

Ever try a ginger grater? Sold in Asian markets and cooking supply stores, these handy little tools make fast work of grating peeled ginger while leaving all those fibers attached to the root stub. I'm convinced ginger actually tastes better grated this way -- the tiny "teeth" on the grater crush the root as it's grated, releasing juice and tons of flavor.

They're relatively cheap too. You can find the graters (typically porcelain, bamboo or metal) ranging anywhere from a dollar or two at a market and up to $10 at some specialty stores and online. When shopping, look for one that has a tray to collect all that juice as the ginger is grated.

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Test Kitchen tips: Peeling ginger

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-- Noelle Carter

Video credit: Myung Chun / Los Angeles Times