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The word is gourmet

January 17, 2012 |  6:01 am

According to "The New Shorter Oxford English Dictionary," gourmet is defined as:

Gourmet 1 (1 of 1) n. A connoisseur in eating and drinking; a judge of good food.

adj. Of the nature of a gourmet, of a kind or standard suitable for gourmets.

When a friend asked me to pick up the sausages for the choucroute he was making Sunday night, he sent me to a wonderful shop in Glendale called Continental Gourmet Sausage Co. On the way back, or on the way somewhere that day, I passed Gourmet Delights and wondered just how many businesses have the word gourmet wedged somewhere in their name.

Googling "gourmet Los Angeles" pulled up about 112,000,000 hits. About. 

I started making a list and it went on and on and on. I stopped. It would make a good Google map, though, something to propose L.A. as about the most gourmet-conscious city on the planet. Or is there another city that yields up 112,000,000 hits for the word gourmet? 


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-- S. Irene Virbila


Illustration: S. Irene Virbila/Los Angeles Times.