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Is Budweiser the new Pabst?

September 12, 2011 |  5:34 pm

Bud We all know that Pabst Blue Ribbon has been singled out by a particular breed of messy-haired gent and intentionally rumpled lady for its ironic qualities. It's one of a few inexpensive brands of mass-produced beer that they can still feel cool holding. 

Until recently, Budweiser would never have fallen into that category. It was too all-American, too mainstream and too appealing to the type of bro that hipsters consider the enemy of satire.

And while that remains true for Bud Light (the sociological reason for this is murky, but the more modern-looking blue can likely has something to do with it), I've begun to notice cans of Budweiser clutched in the hands of people at parties in homes adorned with Vivian Girls posters.

Then, I discovered recently that Budweiser was being sold at a popular eastside rock 'n' roll practice space. All of this, of course, makes me want to start drinking Zima.


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-- Jessica Gelt

Photo: Jessica Gelt / Los Angeles Times