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Sharp: Kyocera ceramic paring knife

August 19, 2011 | 11:36 am

Kyocera1 (1 of 1) Last night I was cooking at a friend’s house, sorely missing my razor-sharp Kyocera paring knife as I deveined shrimp with a much duller blade. My ceramic knife cuts through the shrimp with no effort or pressure, whereas this one (which admittedly needed sharpening) made what would have been quick work a chore.

Now I know: Don't leave home without it.

I bought the 3-inch Kyocera ceramic knife when I was in Las Vegas at Artisanal Foods. But you can also buy it online at their site or from Kyocera Advanced Ceramics, the Japanese company that makes the diamond-ground blades. Mine is from the classic series with riveted wood handles and cost $49.95. But the same blade can be had in the Revolution series with colorful ergonomic resin handles at half the price.

I use it for fine, precision slicing of garlic, shallots and small onions. It’s great for slicing plums or pluots for a galette too. Be cautious, though, with stone fruit, keeping the blade away from the seed. It’s best to use a wood or plastic cutting board: marble or granite, even plates, are too hard a surface for the inflexible blade. Avoid twisting or flexing. And remember, though it’s incredibly sharp, like all knives, the blade will dull over time. In this case, quite a long time.

When that happens, simply mail the knife to an address in Costa Mesa for a complimentary knife sharpening. You pay only $10 for shipping and handling. 

Kyocera Advanced Ceramics; for more information, (800) 537-0294. 


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-- S. Irene Virbila

Photo: A 3-inch Kyocera ceramic paring knife. Credit: Fred Seidman