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Your new caffeine fix: Cookies

August 3, 2011 |  5:57 pm

Coffeecookie It might be painful, but just for a second, imagine skipping your morning coffee. Gasp! For some, having that morning cup of coffee is not only a ritual, it’s a godsend. And when time is short, sometimes adding a bite to eat is out of the question. 

Esther Kang, the owner of Batch from Scratch, a Los Angeles-based bakery offering gourmet sweets, is hoping you’ll turn to them for your all-in-one morning fix. Her online bakeshop features two new caffeinated cookies meant to give you a sugary treat and your morning coffee kick: the cardamom caramel macchiato cookie and the Mayan chocolate inferno cookie.

The bakery describes the cardamom caramel macchiato as a mix between a caramel macchiato and a bolder Turkish coffee with a hint of cardamom and cloves. The cookie gets its caffeine from instant espresso powder and coffee grounds.  

The Mayan chocolate inferno is a double chocolate cookie with some spice. You get the inferno heat from a mix of cayenne pepper and chipotle and a hefty dose of caffeine from instant espresso powder.

The cookies are available at Batchfromscratch.com and exclusively at Scoops Westside.

Might be a fun treat to have on your way to work or even for dessert. And for those addicted to caffeine, even a snack with your coffee.


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-- Jenn Harris


Photo: Mayan chocolate inferno cookie from Batch from Scratch. Credit: Barch from Scratch