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Combo Plate: Stuff your Thin Mints, women get 'back' in the kitchen, Jamie Oliver won't relent and more

February 15, 2011 | 10:26 am

--I cook, therefore I am ... a feminist? I had no idea women were missing from the kitchen. But Ecosalon says they're back. "For decades we’ve watched the professional culinary industry continue to be dominated by males, but we’re taking back the plate, at home, on the barbecue, with our friends and in foodie-inspired businesses."

--Go Jamie, Go: Celebuchef Jamie Oliver continues to be a thorn in the side of the Los Angeles School District. He oh-so-helpfully nudged Monday's protest rally by parents who want sugar-filled flavored milks to be removed from schools. (You can decide for yourself whether you think Oliver is right or wrong in this ever-escalating gambit to gain access to the schools with TV cameras in tow. We just appreciate that a spotlight is being cast on what our school children eat.)

--Blogspotting: Do you find yourself with an excess of Girl Scout Thin Mints? (I know. I never have any left over either, because I inhale them all, immediately, in one sitting.) But let's just say for argument's sake that you did have some leftovers. One of our favorite local food blogs, Picky Palate, written by Jenny Flake of Orange County, has a fab way to turn them into a posh dessert: Girl Scout Thin Mint Toaster Strudels, above.

--We fall for it every time: Ad Age explains why we all lose our minds and reach for our wallets when we see the magic words, "for a limited time only," and how food marketeers are turning to the trick with new urgency. Need more proof? Exhibit A: The McRib.

--How many more times do we need to study this? A new government study suggests that eating a diet rich in fiber -- especially the kind of fiber found in whole grains -- reduces the risk of dying at an early age from a range of causes.

--Rene Lynch

Photo: Picky Palate