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Combo Plate: World's oldest winery, foodspotting on the horizon and more

January 11, 2011 |  1:19 pm

That's some vintage: A UCLA-led team reported Monday that it had discovered a 6,000-year-old winery in an Armenian cave, replete with everything needed to produce vino, including a grape press, fermentation vats, storage jars, wine-soaked pottery shards and even a cup and drinking bowl. Read more in today's L.A. Times.

Waste not, want not: If you collect rainwater, use a low-flush toilet and take a three-minute shower, this is going to make you mad: Turns out that California farmers are wasting a ton of water. And, surprise, surprise, they could stop all that waste if they'd just do their jobs more efficiently.

Blog Spotting: Are your Meyer lemons coming in like crazy? The Merry Gourmet has your answer: When life gives you lemons, make Meyer Lemon Almond Cake, above. (Twip of the day: Follow @merrygourmet.)

Just plain wrong: 55 turtles smuggled aboard plane in snack food boxes.

Raising dough: Mashable reports that Foodspotting -- a locator guide for grub -- raised $3 million in funding. Its master plan: Become the "Pandora of the food world."

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-- Rene Lynch

 Photo: The Merry Gourmet