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Combo Plate: Disaster dining, naan hunting, a pasta quiz and more

October 20, 2010 | 10:58 am


-- Glenn Beck is sponsoring disaster preparedness kits. Depending upon which side of the aisle you are on, you are either cueing up one-liners about the apocalypse and end times, or you're thinking "That's not a bad idea..." and "You know, we do need some earthquake kits...." [Time]

-- Don't despair if you don't know your agnolotti from your gemelli. Peruse this handy dandy guide, and take a "know-yer-pasta" QUIZ! [Jeff Houck]

-- Blogspotting: I asked friends on Twitter -- you are following @latimesfood, right? -- about their favorite blogs. Today's pick: Blackened Out. It's about New Orleans food, drinking and all-around NOLA good times. Great blog name, too. Thanks to @jshushan for the tip.

-- Have you ever seen a story on the side of a beer bottle? [Slashfood] (Author's note: If you can still read the side of the bottle, you're not drinking enough.)

-- The New York Times on the original California cuisine -- courtesy of Sunset Magazine. (Includes cool pic of Sunset headquarters.)

-- If you dream of a "Green Acres"-kind of life: The USDA announced $18 million in awards for beginning farmer and rancher training and mentoring programs. [National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition

-- Does anyone know where we can find Peshwari naan on the Westside? A reader would like to know, and Daily Dish would like to help: Let us know in the comments section below.

-- Any tips for Combo Plate -- a hot news story, something that made you laugh, or a food blog that you simply must share? E-mail me at rene.lynch@latimes.com 

-- Rene Lynch
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