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Combo Plate: Cupcakes, lion burgers and the mansion that Chef Boyardee built

June 22, 2010 | 12:43 pm

-- Gourmet is back. Kind of. Find out what Ruth Reichl has to say about efforts to revive the defunct mag on your iPad. [LA Weekly]  

 -- Chef Boyardee's mansion -- set on 2.8 acres in Milton, Penn. -- is up for auction. [Luxist]

-- Did you order high-fructose corn syrup with that sub? [Slashfood]

-- Won't you be my neighbor? Eater LA reports that Five Guys is looking for places to expand its burger domain.

-- Let's overdose on cuteness, shall we? Adrianna at A Cozy Kitchen celebrates all things girly, and we are glad. (The cupcakes, above, are inspired by this recipe from Smitten Kitchen.) Your Twip of the day? Follow @acozykitchen and @smittenkitchen

-- Speaking of cupcakes: Get ready for the parking nightmare as Magnolia Bakery (yeah!) comes to Los Angeles.

-- A Mesa, Ariz., restaurant is under fire for plans to serve burgers made of lion meat.

Photo: A Cozy Kitchen