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Food fights, dude food, sandwich making and more

May 11, 2010 | 12:12 pm

-- Dude food is out of control. [Time]

-- Everywhere we turn, it seems we are being bombarded with new "greener" options. But these ReUsies caught my eye. What do you think about using them instead of plastic sandwich baggies, or plastic storage containers? (And parents -- is this just one more thing your kid will forget to bring home from school?) They're kinda cute, and safe for the dishwasher and washing machine.  

-- Don't abandon hope just yet: Yogurt, fresh fruit and string cheese are three of the top four favorite snacks for kids ages 2 to 17. The fourth? Potato chips. [Food Market Research]

-- Food Fight: Cook's Illustrated versus food52 in the realm of pork shoulder and sugar cookies. [Slate]

-- A sandwich-making tutorial. Seriously. You will never look at lunch the same way again. [How to Eat]

-- You can see it, can't you? Mario Batali played by Philip Seymour Hoffman? Bill Buford's "Heat" heading for the big screen. [Eater]

-- I can relate to the heartbreak: What happens when your favorite food product goes bye-bye. [LA Weekly] (Trader Joe's, I'm begging you: Please do not dump the mandarin orange chicken. Or I will starve.)

-- Rene Lynch
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