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Melinda Lee, Passover, soldiering on without essentials and more

March 29, 2010 |  1:35 pm

Hmmm --Hard to say what's more gut-wrenching: The thought that simple luxuries that we take for granted -- Dairy Queen, Pizza Hut -- are reportedly being taken away from overseas U.S. soldiers as "non-essentials." Or the reader debate -- both for and against the move, which proponents say will help save resources to make sure essential goods reach the front lines. (I say that if a soldier wants a DQ, she's earned it.) 

--Blogspotting: The sharp-eyed Hmm...Food...Good blog snapped this description, at left of the menu for an upcoming episode of Food Network's "Secrets of a Restaurant Chef." So ... if host Anne Burrell invites you over for Easter dinner or a spring soiree, consider yourself forewarned.

--Net income at Tiger's Den, a snack bar at South Pasadena High School, has fallen more than 50% from a year earlier since a state law banning the sale of junk food on campus went into effect.

--In honor of Passover, check out Jewnion Label -- cheeky clothing inspired by vintage trade union labels. 'Cause don't you know someone who should belong to the Federated Gefilte Fish Grinders & Fressers Guild?

--Also in honor of Passover: Monday through April 5, Oakfire Pizzeria & Pub in West Hollywood and Sherman Oaks will be serving what it calls its "famous" matzo crust pizza available with any of the 27 wood-fired pizzas on the menu. According to Oakfire: "The recipe comes straight from operating partner Jeremy Findel’s great aunt in Israel."

--This explains everything: Compulsive eating of rich food triggers some of the same addiction-like responses in the brain as heroin, a study on rats suggests.

--And finally: Melinda Lee, host of the "Food News With Melinda Lee" radio program on KNX-AM (1070),  has been dishing on -- and deconstructing -- virtually any topic related to food, cooking, kitchen equipment, health and safety issues, history and folklore, entertaining and the like since 1986. Here, she reflects on it all.

-- Rene Lynch
On Twitter @renelynch

Photo credit: Hmm...Food...Good