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Local chefs take the 'faux gras' challenge

February 17, 2010 |  6:11 am

Alex Brown and Evan George over at Hot Knives took a stab at PETA's "Fine Faux Foie Gras" challenge, where professional chefs compete to create a vegetarian alternative to the fatty livers of ducks and geese. The winner of the contest gets $10,000, plus bragging rights that they saved some of our feathered friends from the controversial practice of gavage -- the process by which the animal's livers are gorged with cornmeal.

The boys put together a concoction of cashews, parsnips, sherry and boatloads of butter, but realized at the end of the clip that the fine print stated that the recipe could not be made of any animal products or derivatives, therefore disqualifying their main ingredient. It's a shame because their rendition, which comes in a little glass jar à la Church & State, looks pretty close to the real deal. As for how close the taste is, you'll have to make the recipe to find out.

-- Krista Simmons

Video: Hot Knives