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'Top Chef' reunion: Bryan wins some hot wheels

December 17, 2009 | 12:48 pm

H3ofg5kf Like any family get-together, last night's "Top Chef" reunion episode was full of embarrassing moments (Kevin being made fun of in French by Joel Robuchon), lewd comments (Padma's innuendo about her pregnancy being the result of her "eating a lot of huevos") and a few too many cocktails (a hilarious montage of the chefs getting a bit sloshed in the stew room).

But the highlight of the show was when Michael and Bryan's mom, Sharon Mangine, came out and revealed that she and their father planned to give their 1979 restored Corvette to whoever didn't win the competition (similar to the one pictured here. Nice, huh?).

Mike may have won the 3G Prius in the first round of the finals, but Bryan ended up on top with this prize. If he were to come out to L.A. for the tag-team restaurant project that Micheal referred to, he'd fit right in with Leno and the rest of our city's car-obsessed culture.

Here are a few other notes from the reunion:

-- My startling realization that loudmouthed Jersey boy Mike Isabella would make a great addition to the cast of MTV's "Jersey Shore."

-- Eli, taking the lead from Michael, apologizes to Robin for his hurtful remarks regarding her bout with cancer.

-- Michael reveals his childhood love of "Alf," which inspired me that night to watch the "Hungry Like the Wolf" episode of that show on Hulu. Wouldn't it be awesome if we only gained weight internally like Alf?

-- Eli and Kevin geek out on astrophysics, and Kevin reveals he was offered a full ride to MIT but declined because he felt the calling to become a chef. Maybe he can parlay that into some sort of Alton Brown-esque TV spot?

-- Kevin discloses that he won about $45,000 from quickfire and high-stakes challenges while on the show. Not bad for a runner-up.

Tonight they'll be revealing the winner of the viewers' choice award. Who was your choice?

-- Krista Simmons

Photo: 1979 Corvette (as noted above, not Bryan's actual car). Credit: Chevy