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New Bar: West 4th/Jane opens in Santa Monica -- with bacon-crusted French toast

June 12, 2009 | 11:41 am

Bacon-crusted French toast at West 4th/Jane.With a 100+ beer list that features highbrow artisanal brews like Delerium Tremens, Unibroue and Hitachino alongside low-rent brews like Schlitz, Miller High Life and 40-ouncers of Olde English, two former New Yorkers are bringing the uptown/downtown aesthetic to West 4th/Jane, a Santa Monica bar that opened Tuesday. Located in the former 3 On Fourth space, West 4th/Jane is an homage to the popular Greenwich Village pub Corner Bistro, known for its Bistro Burger: eight ounces of grilled beef topped with a mound of bacon.

Founders Steven Lieberman, who worked the bar at Hennessey's Tavern, the Penthouse at the Huntley Hotel and Ford’s Filling Station, and Keith O’Brien, who has worked as a financial analyst and a bartender, have curated the menu's self-conscious schizophrenia. If you don't feel like a market-fresh organic salad or beer-steamed mussels, how about tater tots, a street dog with "all the NY fixings" or the All-or-One Hangover Sandwich, a hot mess of peppered turkey, salami, warm coppacolla and a fried egg? And not to bury the lead, but West 4th/Jane offers bacon-crusted French toast. It's made from ovals of French bread dipped in an egg batter, dredged in bacon and served with maple syrup. The only question is: Do you order that before, during or after your hangover?

--Elina Shatkin

Photo: Bacon-crusted French toast at West 4th/Jane. Credit: Aviva Studios