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Evie's top 10 party tips

May 9, 2009 |  7:31 am

Mom For a bit o something sweet today, read this post by San Diego food writer and radio host Caron Golden. It's an homage to her mom, Evie:

For as long as I can remember, she's pretty much been the queen of dinner parties. My dad was in the museum "business" so curators, donors, artists and other colleagues were always coming over. Plus, my parents have always loved to have friends and family at the house for meals. My mom is an astoundingly good cook, someone whose gift I continue to aspire to. I regularly served as her sous chef, server and dish washer (actually, I still do). I was told, "watch and learn" -- and that continues today.... So, what's her secret? I sat down with her for lunch at a little Vietnamese restaurant recently and asked her straight out what she thinks are the keys to a successful dinner party. Watch and learn:

Here's an early Happy Mother's Day to Evie and all the moms out there. And here's your Twip of the Day: Follow @carondg


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Photo: Mort Golden