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Licensed to Grill: Winners of the Grilled Cheese Invitational

April 30, 2009 |  1:13 pm

GrilledcheeseHEADOn the last day of national Grilled Cheese Month, let us honor the victors of last weekend's hard-fought Grilled Cheese Invitational. (A semi-complete list of winners is posted after the jump; click here for a photo gallery from the competition.) But let us not forget what this month is truly about: bread, cheese and putting your arteries on the line for your art.

As Foundry chef and invitational judge Eric Greenspan said, "After tasting 75 of your sandwiches, I am extremely ill. I would not recommend that you walk in front of, or behind, me for the next couple of hours."

Missionary Position
First -- No. 37: Grandma's Glory! (Michael Davidson)
Second -- No. 127: MyT Hoang (Thao Hoang)
Third -- No. 246: the One (Coleman Griffin)
Fourth -- No. 10: Grilled Cheese Fries (David Spancer)

Kama Sutra
First -- No. 208: Pelian's Lament (Brad Combs) – rabbit confit, brie, Roquefort, braised pear and Cointreau marmalade
Second -- No. 188: Mondo Fantastico Funky Cheese Delight (Dr. B)
Third -- No. 119: Notting Hill Carnival (Gareth Wilcock)
Fourth -- No. 2: Scent of a Lady (Heidi Gibson)

Honey Pot
First -- No. 88: Cake & Mivens 2: Mivens Princes – (Brian Beecher & Crystal Carlsberg) double-cream Brie, either marzipan or Mascarpone (hard to hear) and a secret ingredient
Second -- No. 189: Knock Your Socks Into the Laundry Room (Dr. B)
Third -- No. 212: Tiramisu Grilled Cheese Sandwich on Chocolate Coffee Bread (David McCallum)
Fourth -- No. 182: Sweet Creamy Finish (the Mistress and a Minion)

Judges' Awards
• Hot Knives (for Best Technical Skill): No. 97: Just for the Love of It / Michael Choi – clarified brown butter, 14-month aged Comté & cheddar rubbed with honey and salt
• Eric Greenspan: No. 2: Scent of a Lady / Heidi Gibson – Italian Fontina, smoked Idiazábal, roasted butternut squash, sage, bacon, prosciutto, caramelized onions and pane rustica
Doctor of Cheese: No. 184: California Cheese Dreamin' – sharp cheddar, Monterey jack, mayonnaise, onions, avocado and spices
• Mayor of Cheese: No. 16: Fermat's Last Sandwich / Brian Weller
• Additional Judges' Award: No. 184: Cheddar in the Rye

-- Elina Shatkin

Photo: Rob Takata / For The Times