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Bacon bits: Bacon lance, BLT Night at Dakota, comfort food from CBS

April 23, 2009 | 11:53 am

Bacon abounds -- I'm slapping these four on my list of 1,001 things to do with bacon:

  • Bacon thermal lance: Maybe you've seen it: Boing Boing Video recently did a video of Popular Science columnist Theodore Gray turning bacon (OK, well, prosciutto, which he calls "Italian for 'expensive bacon' ") into an edible thermal lance he uses to cut metal. The video, "Bacon: The Other White Heat," is pretty amazing and gives me a whole new respect for my favorite food. Gray also includes a vegetarian version of the lance toward the end of the video ... kinda gives me a whole new respect for cucumbers too.
  • BLT Night at Dakota: Starting next Tuesday, Dakota will hold a weekly BLT Night. They'll feature special artisinal bacon, and you can choose from house creations including a classic BLT, BLT salad, sliders, burgers, a lardon pizza and pasta carbonara. Or go bacon crazy and build your own BLT with your choice of bacon and toppings. Menu selections start at $11.00. Mmm...
  • Bacon and beef meatloaf: Former ballerina and current executive chef at NIOS Restaurant in New York, Patricia Williams did a recent segment for CBS' "The Early Show" on spring comfort food as part of the Saturday "Chef on a Shoestring" series. She includes a recipe for bacon and beef meatloaf. It doesn't scream "spring" for me, but it sure sounds comforting....
  • Reality star piglets tout bacon festival: Yahoo News reports that Piggy, Lilli, Pauli and Fredi are having their private lives followed as part of a marketing ploy by the town of Helfenbert, Austria, to promote its third Speck (German for bacon) Spectacle. Follow their adventures -- and read their intimate Web diaries (?) on pigbrother.at

For more bacon-inspired bliss, go to the rest of my list after the jump -- and please leave a comment if you have suggestions!

-- Noelle Carter

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