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The Post Punk Kitchen: It's a vegan riot

February 10, 2009 |  4:17 pm

Post Punk Kitchen Gingerbread Cookies

In an era in which so many are going vegan, vegetarian, turning to organic produce and locally grown food, what could be more useful than an online kitchen to provide you with fun, healthy, rockin' recipes that are all vegan?

In the Post Punk Kitchen, friendly cooks lead you through easy recipes such as pumpkin waffles for breakfast, lentil soup with grilled pineapple for lunch or Ethiopian tomato lentil stew for dinner.

Then there's the stuff that will really blow you away, such as the chocolate bomb pudding cake.

We took a little time to chat with Isa Moskowitz, the Brooklyn-born creator of the Post Punk Kitchen. Here's what she had to say about her cooking and the website:

DD: So why did you start the Post Punk Kitchen? Where did the idea come from?

Moskowitz: Well, it started as a TV show on Public Access. The website was for the show. It started six years ago, and it helped people keep informed. I also thought it was a good place to build community.

DD: Are you a vegan?

Moskowitz: Yup.

DD: Was it hard to find vegan/vegetarian options in Brooklyn (where PPK started)?

Moskowitz: No, it was a very vegan friendly city. Portland, the same. Just different things.

Moskowitz moved to Portland, Ore., from Brooklyn. 

DD: How has the Post Punk Kitchen evolved and where do you see it headed?

Moskowitz: It started as a TV show and we don't do the TV show anymore now. Now we write cookbooks. Now the website is larger. And now we're becoming more community-based. People will have profiles; there's social networking. People can upload their own videos and recipes.

DD: What's your favorite recipe? For dinner or dessert?

Moskowitz: I go through phases. For weeknights, for a while, I was cooking and roasting a bunch of things. Roasted vegetables and then a grain and a bean.

For a dessert, I love simple, plain chocolate cupcakes with chocolate ganache.

DD: If you could share one vegan recipe with the entire world and get them to eat it, what would it be?

Moskowitz: Well, it would be hard to find something that everyone would like. I think a lot of people are already eating things that are vegan. Like falafel, knishes, pasta. We make vegan pizza by blending nuts to make a cheese. And when in doubt, I always serve pesto.

Better than a punk show in Webley Arena, this site has all the goods to keep you healthy and hip.

God save the quinoa!

-- Lori Kozlowski

Photo: Post Punk Kitchen