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This little salt piggy ... is not so little

January 22, 2009 |  7:02 am


I've had my eyes on a salt pig –- those earthenware pots that keep salt from clumping and kitchen tidbits from dirtying up your crystals -– ever since I spied a cute little 3-inch one on a friend's counter last year.

I've tried keeping my kosher salt in a ramekin, in a lidded sugar dish, and in the cardboard box it came in … all to no avail. (The ramekin attracted questionable kitchen detritus. The sugar dish lid was always caked in dried dough left by sticky fingers, and pouring straight from the box is just asking for a salt avalanche).

Mom to the rescue.

Not long after Amy Scattergood blogged about her new salt pig in August, my mom asked what I wanted for Christmas. A salt pig! I did a quick online search and sent her a Williams-Sonoma link to the first one I found, a classic white pig with SALT etched across the front. She'd never heard of a salt pig, thought it sounded lovely, and ordered one for everyone in the family. Apparently, salt pigs are available in more than one size. As you can see from the photo, this little piggy put on a few extra holiday pounds.

-- Jenn Garbee

Photo: Jenn Garbee