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Sloppy with sauces? Out, spot!

September 12, 2008 | 11:54 am

Carbona5300It had been a bad week. A waiter had inadvertently dropped some sauce on the back of my jacket. I’d dropped heirloom tomato soup on my front. And at a Cantonese restaurant, the polyester napkins kept sliding off everyone’s lap. I complain to a friend that my cleaning bills are getting exorbitant.

“You have to use Carbona,” she told me. I’d never heard of it. “Oh, the Stain Devils are the best,” she enthused and backed that up by dropping off a trio of small bottles at my house the next day. I spilled. I tried. And I have to say, this stuff works. I got some longstanding spots out of a favorite old Issey Miyake cotton shirt. So far, the little bottle has taken out olive oil, chocolate, unspecified sauces.

What’s brilliant is that there’s a specific Stain Devil for just about everything. Stain Devils 2 Ketchup & Sauce removes mustard, spices, salsa and chocolate — and that’s the one I’ve been mostly using. No. 3 Ink/Crayon works on ball point pen, crayon, felt tip pen, pencil and roller ball ink.

When I check the Carbona website, I see Stain Devils is a complete system for removing just about every stain on earth. No. 4 removes blood and milk, No. 5 fat/grease and oil. If you could have only one, that last would be it. But No. 8 might be a good idea too--it removes fruit and red wine.

Oh, why not be extravagant and get all nine bottles, the entire system, for $27.92 (except in California, we can’t buy No. 1, which is for gum and glue)? Fortunately that’s not a big issue with my wardrobe.

On the Carbona website, Stain Devils are listed as sold at Ralphs, Vons, certain Wal-Mart stores and Food 4 Less. Gotta go track them down now. I’d love to give them as stocking stuffers to some of my slobbier friends. . .

Stain Devils, available online from Carbona (www.carbona.com), (866)-CARBONA (227-2662).

-- S. Irene Virbila

(Photo of Stain Devils made by Carbona by S. Irene Virbila)