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Pickle pop

February 27, 2008 |  4:33 pm

Pickle_2 So this outfit in Texas makes frozen tubes of dill pickle juice you can squeeze out and eat like popsicles. Or you could let them thaw out and down them as shooters. Whatever floats your tonsils.

PickleSickles, as they're called, sound pretty crazy, but the maker claims they're high in fiber, vitamin A and various minerals. Either because of the health claims or in acknowledgment of the well-known kid taste for extreme sour flavors, the USDA has approved them for public school consumption.

What do they taste like? Exactly what you think: a frozen pickle. Personally, I doubt I'd ever suck on a PickleSickle just because it was a hot day, but I've found they go fine with a barbecued pork sandwich and I expect they'd also work with anything else that usually comes with a pickle.

They're a pretty recherche product around here, but you can order them online (they come thawed and you freeze them yourself), 16 for $17.95.

-- Charles Perry

Photo by Glenn Koenig