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Workplace harassment?

August 29, 2007 |  5:44 pm

If you've ever lived or worked near a fast-food place, you know the heavy, greasy miasma that rises in the region, the unappetizing smell of ... well, no need to go into details. But imagine that you're minding your own business at your desk in your pod at your climate-controlled, air-conditioned office and a cloud that smells suspiciously like frying fat suddenly comes your way. Now imagine that your company has made a deal with some outside corporation to inflict this upon you. It's enough to make you wanna call HR.

An unspecified number of unlucky office workers in Washington, Chicago and Dallas will be subjected to a Kentucky Fried Chicken promotion that involves the placement of "a plated meal" on "actual mail carts," according to a news release received today. It's a "scent-focused" gimmick that apparently 299_meal_photo doesn't involve feeding anyone, just sending smells that belong in strip malls down the hallways of corporate America. The promotion date isn't specified, so maybe workers in those cities should try to work from home until further notice -- or request a bubble dome for the cubicle.

-- Susan LaTempa

Photo courtesy of KFC